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Antig Outdoors Woodlore Stove


Basic wood gas stove--


Weight:   5 1/2 ounces

Size: 4 1/4" diameter by 6 7/8" high (including potstand)

Storage size: 4 1/4" diameter by 4 7/8" high

Boils 4 cups of water in 6-10 minutes (varies according to weather conditions)

Utilizes a double walled firebox design that enables secondary combustion of air. It differs from a hobo stove in that it burns wood more efficiently and does not produce smoke while burning. Basically, it burns wood cleanly and efficiently down to ashes. 

All military personnel in combat will receive this stove free of charge! Just pay for shipping. Send us an email; must be addressed to MPO, APO, or FPO addresses only.

Discounts available to BSA, groups, schools, and organizations.


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